Why SuperBad is the funniest movie ever made

The 2007 comedy movie 'SuperBad' was written by Seth Rogan and his friends when they were 13. Obviously there was a lot of revision, but the movie instantly puts you back in a Hs setting. It tells the hilarious story of 3 dorky kids who got invited to a popular girls party and have to provide all the alcohol because they are the only ones with a fake ID. Everyone character is trying to impress someone in a cringe hilarious way throughout the movie. It brings you back to the feeling of being under 21 again and going through the struggles of getting alcohol with a fake ID and all the strings that are attached to it. If you have yet to see this movie I recommend you watch it on Netflix, it is a 10/10. After watching this movie an unhealthy amount of times, I still crack up like its the first time I've seen it. Everyone in some way or form can relate to this movie.