Why One Tree Hill is the only show that matters

One Tree Hill is an American drama based in Tree Hill North Carolina. This series follows around the lives of high school students, the pride of the small time is their successful basketball team the ravens. Half brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott are the stars of the team following in the footsteps of their dad, Dan Scott the main antagonist in the show. Dan is constantly causing chaos for the characters in the show leaving the viewer speechless. As the plot of this show thickens more characters are introduced, Haley James is the shy quiet tutor girl who turns into an award winning singer touring the world with her and Nathan's son. Lucas turns into a best selling author and marries his high school crush Peyton Sawyer. Throughout the four years of high school, Lucas is stuck in a love triangle with Peyton and her best friend Brooke Davis. Brooke Davis is the outgoing popular cheerleader while Peyton is the indie rock girl who's life revolves around her art and music.

This show will always leave you speechless and wanting more due to the constant twist and turns that are thrown in by creator Mark Schwan in the nine seasons of the show. The pilot episode launched in 2003 and won it's first teen choice award for teen actor drama in 2004, and was nominated for an additional 26, winning numerous other awards for break-out star male and female, parental unit and many others. A lot of the awards this show won were based around the constant drama that occurs every episode with every character. Once the show gets to season 4 the characters mature from high school to 22 years old and each character's story line develops separately.

The song "I don't wanna be" by Gavin Degraw is the theme song of the show. It is a very sentimental song that is played every time something emotional happens in the show. The very last scene of the show to ever air is the entire cast hugging ad dancing to this song which concludes the show in a nostalgic and emotional way. This song earned a double platinum award after all the popularity it gained from airing on the show.

There are so many reasons why this show in my opinion is the best show ever made. The fact the show appeals to both genders incorporating love interest's and fashion but the main theme of the show is sports more specifically basketball. Another point would be how easily relatable the characters are. Everyone has experienced heart break, personal loss and friendship drama. Some very serious issues are addressed such as addiction, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse and much more. I think the best part of the show is the ending when the antagonist redeems himself, nothing is better than a warm ending and One Tree Hill truly produced a heart warming end to the nine amazing seasons.