Why Game Of Thrones Is The Only Show We Ever Needed

For my blog post I chose to write about Game of Thrones. I truly enjoyed this series because of the action and adventure that took place in the show. The time period is during medieval times which I also enjoyed but it had a modern twist. The writing of the film was so detailed each character had its own personality and sayings. For example, Tyrian Lanaster who was a main character from the show was always sarcastic and comical. He is a midget in real life and in the show they almost masked that. He was seen as such a strong and independent person by the end of the series because of the scenes and writing he was given. I enjoyed how the writing was in the medieval times. The language that was used was very enlightening and refreshing to watch. In today’s age we do not speak in old English but to be able to watch a show and interpret how ideas were communicated was very intriguing.

In addition, there were some harder scenes to watch such as violence specifically rape in the show. The actress that this occurred with showed such emotion and it truly affected her character as a whole. She went from a weak young girl to a strong women who fought for her place to the throne. A father had been executed in the show who was a pivotal character who had children who were also main characters. This scene was very difficult to watch because his children were watching their father die. This evolved one of the daughters into a fighter who lived on her own for the rest of the show. Watching her grow from a princess in a castle to a girl living on the streets known as “the girl with no face.” She hid her true identity to keep herself safe due to her family’s name.

The cinematography in Game of Thrones was absolutely amazing. Every angle that was shot gave the viewers so much detail. For example, the last episode of the series there was a fight scene. This fight scene was about a half hour long and it showed every character from the show. This scene showed Arya Stark (the girl with no face) going up against the main villain the knight king. Arya was perceived as the “stronger” character due to the way the camera angles were on Arya. They had her looking above the night king as well as her sayings “not today” was said adding to her confidence in destroying him. It was as If Arya was fighting for her father and everyone that was lost in the past episodes.

In conclusion the story of Game of Thrones was a thrilling, emotional, and adventurous rollercoaster. There was love, loss and action with the relationships with the characters. When a character passed away you felt the emotion in the characters eyes and as a viewer you wanted to know what was going to happen next. Game of Thrones was an amazing series and I am so grateful I was able to watch it as a whole.