Welcome to CSTV

Cortland State Television (CSTV) is a student-run organization that plans and creates television shows and programs brought forth by the student body. CSTV is also involved with filming campus and community events. In addition, CSTV helps with the advertisements of other clubs through commercials and programs on the campus television network.

How to Join?

New club members are always welcome and previous film/TV production experience is not required. To join, simply attend our weekly general meeting and introduce yourself. Exact meeting days/times can be found on the ABOUT page.

What Type of Media Can I Make?

CSTV is always looking for motivated individuals interested in film / television production to get creative and make content! In the past, members have produced Talk Shows, Game Shows, Music Videos, Documentaries, Sketch Comedies, and much more! There really is no limit to what you can do and we are here to help!

How Can I Receive Credit for CSTV?

All club members are encouraged to enroll in COM 393 - Participation in Media Production at SUNY Cortland. COM 393 is a one credit participation class that can be retaken semester after semester! So, if you are an active member of CSTV, considers registering for COM 393 every semester! However, please know that if you register for COM 393, you will be required to complete a number of virtual lessons, production assignments and presentations in order to receive the credit.

How Do I Join the E-board?

First, become an active member of the club and make yourself known to the current E-board! After at least one semester as an active club member, you are welcome to nominate yourself for one of the various Eboard positions. At the end of each semester, there will be a vote and the new Eboard will be created! A GREAT way to join the Eboard early is to be an SGA Representative! If interested, please speak with the Eboard asap!

When Can I Access Production Equipment?

If you are registered in the COM 393 - Participation in Video Production class, you can access equipment immediately! Please login to your CSTV Member account, navigate to the equipment tab and submit your request! Members are also welcome to use their phones to create content!

Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to contact CSTV at any time if you have questions or concerns and a club representative will reply to your message shortly!


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