True Detective Season 1

Two homicide detectives investigate the murder of Dora Lange in 1995 with some unusual circumstances in what appears to be some kind of ritual killing. Seventeen years later, they must revisit the investigation but under very different circumstances.

Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rustin "Rust" Cohle in 2012 being interview about a murder that's eerily similar to the case he worked on.

The cinematography of this show gives the viewer a feeling of being in the Louisiana swamps with the humidity and the decrepit industrial buildings that stain the air along with its people. you can almost smell Matthew McConaughey's character by the constant smoking and drinking during his interview or the places the detectives travel throughout from bars, strip clubs, and moldy shacks.

With the stunning visuals and acting the film gives you the feeling that everything is stained or corrupted; from the towns, the land, and most importantly the people. Beaten down by hard times the people grasp onto religion, drugs, and alcohol. The detectives also feel this decay and it shows with the decisions they make that make you cringe but somehow feel for them under the circumstances. The more you watch the more you learn about each character's history and decision-making processes. Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle puts on in my opinion his best performance with Woody Harrelson as Detective Martin "Marty" Hart very close behind him.

Both detectives have their own outlets to release stress from being a womanizer to alcohol/drugs. They also abuse their power multiple times and go off the record to solve this case.

Which detective will you like more the reasonable down-to-earth Marty or the strange but intelligent Rust?

Personally, I liked Rust.

Each clue gets them closer and closer and it picks back up in a very exciting way. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch this HBO Masterpiece.