Things are getting Stranger.

I am not one to have an obsession with a television show or even movies really but I decided to watch Stranger Things to see what the craze was about and fell in love. This show takes place starting in the 80's and is about a group of nerdy boys that stumble upon a mystery. Stranger Things takes place in a small town where nothing ever goes wrong until Will Byers goes missing, while it seems to be a possible runaway or kidnapping it actually opens a story to a mysterious other world known as the "Upside down". Will's friends Mike, Lucas, and Dustin all set out to do what they can to find Will even if it means fighting monsters from the unknown. They may even encounter some life long new friends and enemies.

While the show seems to be about Byers from the trailer I feel the main character is really Eleven. Eleven is a young girl who turned into a science experiment for a corrupt scientist. She is on the run and stumbles upon the frantic boys looking for their friend Will. While they have no clue what has happened to their friend, she may have some insight and help them along the way in recovering their friend safely.


What really caught my eye at first was the nostalgic look of the 80's and how they really were accurate with the products and clothing of that time. All the food products look how they were branded in the 80's as well as their clothing and hairstyles. While Stranger Things is very aesthetically pleasing it also has a wonderful story line and character development. While watching you get to see every up and down for all the main characters while also some side characters.

One of the best character developments in the show would have to be the lovable Steve Harrington. Steve started as a side character that Nancy Wheeler had a crush on but his main personality trait was being the mean popular boy. Through unexpected adventures, the power of love, and heartbreak Steve did a whole 360 and is now a main character in season two and is a beloved character. He turned into a caring, responsible young adult. A little fun fact of the show is that Steve was actually only supposed to be in season one, but they loved the actorJoe Keery so much they wanted to keep him around so Steve became a main character.

Another aspect I appreciate is that all of the actors are decently close to their characters ages. Will, Eleven, Dustin, Max, Mike, and Lucas are all suppose to be 14-16 while the actors are around 16-19. This is appreciated since there is a big issue that many adult actors (like 25 and up) will play teen roles which makes less roles open to younger upcoming stars. Having actors play characters in their age range also give the story a more realistic experience while watching.

When the series continues on from the overwhelming love from fans they obviously have to think of new plots, I am always nervous of a show I love continuing on for too long because most of the time it is dragged out and becomes horrible to watch. Stranger things is coming to its fourth season and I still believe the storyline is as good as the start of the show. What helps is adding new characters and new twists. In the second season they had Max and Billy join the team. It was refreshing since one was a friend and a foe but they were related.

(Max and Billy)

Stranger Things is on its fourth season now and the fourth season should be coming out this year (2021) hopefully. They already have a new twist and story to go off of from season three. I am very nervous about this season because the new storyline I feel might start to drag but I am hoping it won't and we all will be happily surprised. The Duffer brothers who created the show say they only want to do a handful of seasons, so who knows? maybe four is the last.

(Preview of Season 4)