The Show We All Know and Love - Grey's Anatomy

My all-time favorite television series is Grey's Anatomy. I have watched all 17 seasons of the show and each episode leaves me speechless. I think the screenwriter, Shonda Rhimes, does a fantastic job with producing the following medical drama series. Grey’s Anatomy is based around Ellen Pompeo “Meredith Grey,” along with several doctors who she befriends at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Every character has a distinct personality on the show which I like - Christina Yang is fierce and carries a belief that one’s career comes before everything. Izzy Stevens is bubbly and thinks everything should be done with love. George O’malley has a fun personality who come's off as dorky but protective. Alex Karev starts the series off as a cocky individual because of his insecurities but eventually turns into a gentleman. And finally Miranda Bailey, the intern’s teacher, who takes no crap from anyone.

The fellow interns are faced with loads of adversity, issues within the workplace and struggles in relationships. I am an individual who loves a good romance which is why I enjoy the series so much. Meredith falls in love with actor Patrick Dempsey, known as Derick shepherd in the show. Shonda takes the watchers on a whirlwind of events throughout their relationship. From heartbreak to betrayal to marriage and children, I never know what will be coming next.

As for the editing of the show, there are a few episodes where music is added in which emphasize the drama in that particular scene. I think the songs chosen are great because most people are familiar with them. One episode that sticks out is when Derick dies and the song played is "Chasing Cars." While the music is being heard, there are flashbacks of the relationship between him and Meredith. I thought this episode was written and produced phenomenal. The song made it 10x more real and emotional.

One thing I was not in favor of was how many main characters were killed off. I think Shonda could have been more creative with some of them besides death. However, Grey's Anatomy is adored by many and it shows by the immense amount of awards it has won such as the Global Globe award of 2006 and 2007.