The devil might not be as bad as we think.

"Lucifer" became one of my favorite shows last year. After the first episode of season I was hooked! the television show is like the Bible became a reality show. It adds a twist to the biblical story of the devil Lucifer. 'Lucifer Morningstar" played by actor Tom Ellis, charming, handsome, and caring "young" devil he is. Mr. Morningstar is also a night club owner in Los Angeles, who also helps fight crime along side Detective Chloe Decker. I know who would think that devil would be apart of law enforcement. One thing that show makes me is that laugh a lot of the time. Lucifer constantly letting everyone know he's the devil, and people rarely believe him. This show easily a 10/10 for me. With the combination of comedy and drama Mr. Morningstar brings, I can't wait for season 6!