Schitt’s Creek a Not So Schitty Show

Schitt’s Creek immediately became one of my favorite shows after finishing the 6 seasons series over quarantine, and I still continue to re-watch. Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian sitcom created by Dan Levy and his father, comedy legend, Eugene Levy. It first aired in January 2015 and ended after 80 episodes and 6 seasons in April 2020. The show had a sweep at the 2020 Emmy awards, and has continued to win awards in 2021. It has become a comfort show of mine, and I think it’s a must watch if you haven’t already seen it.

When Johnny Rose, CEO of the second largest video chain, loses his fortune unexpectedly, he and his family are forced to move into a motel in the small town he had bought his son as a joke, Schitt’s Creek. The Rose family previously hadn’t spent much time together, but now since they all lost the fortune, they are forced to live with each other.

The Rose family consists of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis. Each of them has something unique they bring to the show, and I fell in love with each of them as I watched. Johnny, played by Eugene Levy, is the level-headed one of the family, but doesn’t seem that way to his family because of how unreasonable they can be sometimes. He’s the leader always looking out for his children and wife, but always the one to be made fun of first. Moira, played by Catherine O’Hara, is the eccentric mother of the family. She definitely has the hardest time adjusting to their new hometown. She speaks her mind and has a new wig in every episode, and you definitely learn to love her by the end. David, played by Dan Levy, is definitely my favorite character. He’s the oldest, and he’s definitely flamboyant. He loves his sweaters, and definitely is not afraid to hold back. He has made me laugh the hardest throughout the show even when he isn’t speaking. Alexis’ is the youngest in the family. She always has a crazy story for every situation, and constantly shocks everyone. She loves herself a lot, but I think she definitely had the best character development throughout the show.

They encounter other characters as well, and they soon become part of the family. All lovable in their own ways. Although I was upset to see it end, I think they did a great job in ending the show after 6 seasons, that way they could go out on top. The wittiness of the show was what really drew me in. The timing of the jokes, and the way the characters made me laugh without even speaking was fantastic. The characters personalities are so strong you can’t help but to love them. The story line was great and will always make you feel good after watching. It’s such an entertaining show and I highly recommend watching it!