Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is by far the best American war movie in my opinion even though I was not able to enjoy it until years after being created(1999). This magnificent film won multiple Academy awards, Golden globes, and other impressive awards just to name a few. Starting the film from the cemetery was very important due to the significant role Captain Miller and his platoon played to get Private home safely after his 3 brothers were killed in war. Steven Spielburg and Tom Hanks do a really great job portraying the frightful truths as to what the young men had faced at D-day with explosions and very graphic injuries. As a young man over 18 I have nothing but respect for every single person who answered the call to duty which is why films like this help us really appreciate our freedom. Captain Miller and platoon members were a fantastic group to represent the wide range of Americans that had been drafted during these extremely tough times. One of the more famous scenes within the film is after Capt. Miller’s platoon finds Private Ryan and shortly after blows the bridge to prevent the enemy from crossing vehicles. During this encounter Captain Miller gets killed while trying to blow up the bridge which saved a handful of Americans who were lucky enough to survive this gruesome war.