Peaky Blinders: More than just your average gypsy family...

The series Peaky Blinders has been one of my favorite series since it came out in 2013. Peaky Blinders was based in Birmingham, England in 1919 about a gypsy family that runs the Shelby Company Limited. During these times the town is overcoming certain trials and tribulations such as the Great War (WW1), the returning soldiers, and economic disturbance. Many powerful gangs are trying to take control and be in charge during these times, yet the most powerful gang was known as the Peaky Blinders. Their company is in charge of public housing, manufacturing, people's bets on horse riding tournaments and their bookmaking.

The cinematography of the series provides the audience with a different time period because it takes place after World War 1, with very different cultural norms. Some of these norms include the power dynamic along with various ways in handling situations and who was in charge. These norms are exemplified throughout the series in a diverse way such as how women are treated and the standings of individuals during these times. The show sheds light on how society was upheld after the war and the reality and communication along with it.

The writing and suspense throughout the series intrigues me because it allows for the need and want of more drama and episodes. The characters created much tension throughout the series and since it was more of a family gang it also included family and business drama. This gypsy gang family consists of Thomas Shelby who is the middle brother, yet he has all the responsibility in the company. He is assisted by his older brother Arthur and his younger brother John which also receive assistance and opinions from their Aunt Polly Gray along with many other characters and family members. This gypsy gang is known for their power and their razor blades sewn into their caps.

Each member of the gang play their own role, and each had different responsibilities. Thomas Shelby is my personal favorite character due to his blatant aggression as well as his mind and the way he was able to handle every situation that was thrown at him. He is usually the brains of most of the operations along with his Aunt Polly, while his brothers are more of the muscle. Thomas did everything he could to try and expand their businesses’ and try to make the most amount of money that he could for his family while also keeping his operations under wraps and hidden from the Britain inspector Chester Campbell.

Are you more of the brains or the muscle in your family?