I'm a Sucker For Romance

I have many movies that are my favorite, but I am a sucker for romantic movies. One of my favorite romance movie of all time is The Notebook. It is such a feel good, emotional romantic movie that you never get tired of watching. This movie tells a story about a young couples love story played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. This movie was made in 2004 but most of the setting of the movie takes place in the 40's. The movie starts out by showing an old man reading to an old woman who has lost her memory. He comes every day to read this story to her because of how much she enjoys it. The story is about a poor boy named Noah and a rich girl named Allie who met one night at a carnival. She at first wanted nothing to do with him because he was poor but as he kept fighting to go on a date with her the more she grew to like him. They began to date and their young love grew like crazy. He brought out the fun side of her while she brought out the sweet side of him. Even though Allie grew to love the poor boy her family was not happy with them dating. Her mother did everything she could to split them up. The mother made the family move far away and Noah did not know how it was going to work between them. They broke up and went on with their lives. Noah tired to get her back by writing her a letter every day for a year but they never got to her because the mother hid them. Noah eventually gave up, and Allie moved on. She met a rich man like her mother wanted and got engaged. After the engagement Noah and Allie found their way back to each other but I am not going to spoil the whole movie! There is also a surprise at the end that you don't see coming!


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