Firefly - We wanted more...

Firefly has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The first pilot episode was released back on September 20th, 2002. What made the show so incredible was the originality at the time, the amazing cast of characters, the quality of the episodes, and the story that could have gone on for so many seasons. Sadly, the show stopped being produced in early 2003 only after one season was made. The show had amassed such a huge fan base that when the show was cancelled, people were very upset. While I was too young to enjoy the show at the peak of its glory, I can still view it today and enjoy the absolutely incredible show that never truly was enough. The show made such a big emphasis on making sure the camera wasn’t always zoomed in on everyone’s face. Instead, they opted to get as many characters in to the scene at all times as possible and to get wide shots that fully captured the background and scenery they were in. In terms of acting, the actors and actresses they chose were absolutely spot on for their roles. Captain Malcolm Reynolds was an extremely intelligent man who despite being easily fooled by women, could never be fooled by anyone else. Jayne is a war-like madman who just loves money. Kaylee is the ships mechanic who is always full of joy and longs for true love. There are many other characters in the show who all have amazing unique personalities and it really helps set the show apart from others I have seen. For a show made in 2002, right around when special effects really started to become popular in movies and TV shows, Firefly never really needed it too much. They did make special 3D renders for the scenes out in space, but they focused more on the use of props during scenes with the main characters. What really gave the show the most potential over anything else was the incredible writing and script of the show. The show was never based off of anything like a book or old movie, it was completely developed from scratch. Every episode felt very well thought out and gave each character so much depth to expand and for the audience to learn about them and their past. The crew was always in some dilemma regarding their jobs scavenging loot to sell on the market for profit and the encounters they had, the planets they visited, and the moments they shared as a group are truly unforgettable. Some episodes would bring back old characters, some would bring back people from each character’s past. Sadly, due to the shows length, some characters never got a very full backstory, thus leaving many to question what made them so special to begin with. Despite this, the show is considered one of the best sci-fi action shows ever produced by its fan base.


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