Charmed Sisters

When I began watching the hit TV series Charmed(1998) I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remember the first time it came across my screen. I had just come back from after school, it was winter. The sun had already set and I went into my mothers room to just hang out with her before dinner was ready. She was folding some clothes and we watched Ghost Hunters, another show I absolutely love. Not long after my mother kicked me out of the room but before she left I looked what channel she was on so I could head to the living room and continue watching there. At the top of the hour, 6pm to be exact the episode ended and Charmed came on . I absolutely love magic and pre 2000s/ early 2000s shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1997) and Veronica Mars(2004). Shows where women are usually the main characters and aren't regarded as sexual objects. As I start watching I realize that im a couple seasons in, around the 6th season of the show. They were fighting demonds and Piper (the middle child turned eldest) was trying to keep Halloween afloat for her son while all hell broke loose, literally. The show only ran for two hours a night. From 6p-8pm, Monday- Friday.

After the first two episodes I was absolutely hooked. I still am today. I was obsessed for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that its a show that works around magic. I absolutely love show that move out of reality or weave reality into the fantasy. Another small reason is that my name also begins with a P, and I always hated that because I never feel included. I never find chains with my name at amusement parks, and I don't know another single soul whose name starts with P. It made me feel part of the group.

Taking the magic away from the shower, the show was women dominated. The Charmed Series was woman dominated and I loved that so much. The Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, are the strongest witches and they only come around once. Prue is the breadwinner of the sisters, Piper the mother like figure, Phoebe the reckless child, and Paige is the love child of their mothers affair with a guardian eagle type figure that they call a "White lighter".

Another reason why I love the show is because most shows do not refer back to previous episodes. In Charmed they will continuously fight the Fear demon, because Fear is not something that just goes away, you may get rid of a singular fear but not all of them and he is a reoccurring character. The absolute biggest reason I love the show though has to be due to one single character. Piper.

Piper never wears skirts or dresses unless it's a special occasion. She is an unconventional character in that she doesn't really wear very revealing clothes at all, and yet she is the first to fall in love and have children. It reverses the stereotype that women have to beckon men with their body and not their talent or their brains if they want to find a loving husband. I liked that idea, its the first time I had ever come across it. She is mother like but not the eldest nor the favorite and I can relate to that, and she is strong and vulnerable. The show is versatile In that it doesn't show the romantic love is the only love. That there is platonic love, familial love, and love for what you do and who you are in a way that is not cliche.

Regarding the cinematography, I loved the fact that they shot in an actual house, I knew what room they were filming in at each time, because you have a full view of the house. The humor was dry, sort of like British humor where you have to really be listening to understand and catch the punchline. The quality of the show was so top notch, that it didn't even matter that you could see the green screen. It never mattered, because the special affects and the makeup were so captivating. The setting was always welcoming, and there was never a whole in the story. Even when they had to kill off a character and introduce a new sister. It was a smooth transition in my opinion. The overall show although considers love and how much we all need it, it is not centered around the sisters finding love, rather them finding balance between their lives as powerful witches and living a normal life.


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