Bachelor Season Comes to an End: But not the ending anyone could predict.

WARNING SPOILER ALERT: As season 25 of the bachelor comes to an end there were many unexpected twists. Let's start from the beginning for all of those who may not know what the show is. The Bachelor is a reality tv show that focuses on one main male figure that is on the search to find the love of his life in just two months. He starts with 40+ women and gets limited time to get to know them and throughout the two months must narrow it down to one with the goal being to fall in love and make her his wife. This season started off unique because the 40 women and Matt James the bachelor himself had to all quarantine in a hotel for 14 days and get two negative tests before the season began. All the dates this season also had to remain on the estate of the Bachelor Mansion instead of branching off and traveling and visiting new places like previous seasons. But the ending was the most unique at all. This season nobody got proposed to. Although not proposed to Racheal Kirkconnall still found true love with Matt and they left the season looking like a very happily in love "dating" couple, a reminder not engaged. But as viewers found out in the After the Final Rose Ceremony Rachael and Matt's love story came to a quick ending. When racial discrimination posts came up from Racheal's past. Matt ended his relationship with her when he felt she did not understand what life was like growing up as an African American male. Since Rachael has continued to apologize and show her remorse for her past. Matt may have found true love on his season but unfortunately, it had to come to an end. Is there a chance for Rachael and Matt in the future? Only time will tell. How would you feel if you were in Matt's shoes?