24 Hours is a LOOOONNG Day

I just finished watching 24 on Hulu and honestly it kept me glued to my seat every season. Even though it is a bit of an old show, it was extremely engaging and action packed. I really liked the format of the show first off. Every episode is an hour of the main character, Jack Bauer's, life. Every season has approximately 9 episodes, so it is 9 hours in his day that lasts the whole season. Jack is the protagonist who is a counter terrorist agent. His work gets him involved with everything from the Chinese government, to presidential assassination attempts to bioterrorism, cyberwarfare ad bomb detonations. What I really like about Jack's character is that he has a complete disregard for morality, which usually pits him at odds with others, but in the end he is always right. He does more in his one hour a day than most do in a lifetime, so it keeps the adventures rolling and keeps the audience completely captivated.

The other thing that makes 24 great is the quality of acting. Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack, is believable and phenomenal in every season. He is backed up by a consistent group of actors, some who make it through the entire series and some who only make it 1 season. One person who comes to mind is the character of Chloe. She's quirky and crass but also so devoted and loyal to Jack and is there for him every season. Her character, as well as so many of the other characters, were so well acted and balanced out the show, making it more than even just about Jack.

The themes that were involved in the show were riveting. At times controversial with their portrayal of Muslims, their US soldiers imitating techniques and "glamorizing torture" on the show, were actually some of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. They were factual representations of things that went on in our world. Even though it sometimes seemed unrealistic that Jack could survive everything that happened to him, the entertainment value of his life, job and encounters keeps the viewer coming back. The show used these elements to keep it thrilling and real.

If I lived in Jack Bauer's world, I probably couldn't have survived one episode, but I'm glad he was able to fight through it and provide us with the never-ending action and adventures for 9 memorable seasons.


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