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Choosing a Career Path?

So, you're getting degree in Communication and Media Studies... Now what? Perhaps you have some idea as to what you want to do when you graduate or perhaps not...


Regardless of where you are, now is a good time to starting planning out your career trajectory. In other words, what opportunities should you be pursuing now so that you can have your ideal career eventually.

Included on this page is a very helpful info-graph image titled "Communication Major Career Paths" that outlines the various pathways a Communications major can take to build a strong foundation for future careers in Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, Media Production, etc.

Take a moment to look over the various Career positions (right side) and then follow the outline back to the entry level position listed. Use this entry level position as a starting point for your future career and perhaps begin searching for jobs and internships with that title.

Establishing yourself as a professional takes time and planning. Be sure you are pointing yourself in the right direction now so that you won't fall behind in later years.